Karate-do, from the 1945'I year, a great spread rapidly around the world, is in itself a date. was defeated by a world war, Hiroshima and Nagasaki were completely wiped out, destroyed many cities and industrial centers of the bomb,

the army has been destroyed, the economy was crushed and thousands of families, many adopted a Japanese nation has sacrificed, knowing the protection of moral values, in the hands of the only thing that culture, he beat the ground, destroying the top off the western world, it has managed to export at both very good costs. Moreover, besides the deep culture, something that is not actually yet fully self-owned, introduced karate to the whole world, and so, today, millions of people for the sake of sweat that martial arts has yayılıver with almost the speed of sound.


     What is also nice, I wonder over today, "Made in Japan" by which culture is based on the principles of karate, we know that?

Today, martial arts and especially made for deeper research increasingly on karate. New new documents, evidence, remains and has so Karate, stored for years increased mystical clouds are slowly spaced and in the light of the undeniable results revealed new findings, almost karate history is rewritten.


     Some thought being destroyed, some new information Taking a light karate today is give a new direction to be called. now history, karate, Japan and other Japanese from the fact that a nation like them at all, developing and adopting the huge Chinese civilization, you know that as an economic commodity exports. This community, which is actually very little in common with the Japanese, and even the language is different, even the Okinawa people. Historians of various ethnic groups, Indonesia and the Philippines to move, Okinawa and refers to the time they get there in the Japanese islands. Japanese anthropologist based in Okinawa Takeo Kanaze of these ethnic groups that have survived time and venue to be settled in Okinawa began to create the public. Japanese language expert Shiro Hattori, Kyoto, and made a comparative study between Okinawa Okinawa need both Japanese language and languages, dividing left in the 3rd and 4th century put forward the hypothesis that two different dialects.


     Main name, "like pieces of floating rope on the ocean," which means "Ryu Kyu" which Okinawa, 1,220 km2 has an area located between China and Japan.


     relationships formed as the first course between the Japanese islands of Okinawa, with the effect of China's "iron overthrown entering Japan radicalization of the results of the 3rd millennium BC have begun to thin century onwards, and in the meantime remaining under the overwhelming influence of Chinese culture


    Japanese has aynıçin'ebenzerbirdevletteşkilatıkur.


    Okinawans are not using instruments until 11 century wood and bone in agriculture, with imports of iron tools, the Japanese have a rapid development of the island küitür. Also in this period, the three tribes on the island, so Chuz (Middle Mountain), Nanzen (GÖNEY Mountain) and Hokuz (Northern Mountain), including sometimes fought, and sometimes have gelebii together and Okinawa using iron tools made almost an agricultural revolution in this period Sanzen - Jidai (Age 3 Mountain) has been called. Sanzen şefier in this business, 14 have established relations with China growing in the century and it has opened a new page in the history of the island. Chinese Emperor Ming of the period, giving orders that allow the horse and sulfur taken from Okinawa, Okinawa, whereas porcelain and molding tools are sold. In this way, the people of Okinawa were established Sanzen-Jidayi developed rapidly, and in the meantime the relationship with Korea. ships going to and from Korea, undergoes Kyushu been and so increased contacts with Japan.


    Meanwhile, the king of Satto Sanz, has increased its relations with the Emperor of China, some Chinese families have settled in Okinawa after the official correspondence. That day how Okinawa - Jima island is the name of the Chinese Kyi and Rye as amended, to the island in 1880 and was officially called up to take over Okinawa.


   From 1372, no longer passing board Ryu Kyu rulers, have been named by the Chinese Emperor, and finally in 1392 the Ryu Kyu king of the request Ozeri to, Naha 36 China II family Kume town of the city, China has positioned sent by hokomdar ... And here, at the time this tiny town so rare on behalf of today's great martial art of karate, has become the place where sown in fertile soil for the seeds from China ... from that time point, the business move, three men Kenwa Mabuni to present to Okinawa, Gichin Funakoshi and Chojun Miyagi 3 then brought his style of karate is a Japanese Hironori Ohtsuka entered the arena after these four main styles of developing history. I made this in a historical perspective of the formation stilier to you in the past year. In this series, rather than the formation of Karate stilier, I will describe the historical development of this creative stilier. In the meantime, I'm a member of the European Academy of Karate as a result of deep research made on the basis of findings made, I will give some historical information.


     A person, no matter what profession each continuous learning is forced herself to yenilerne. So, one must overcome itself from every angle. If it was possible to have the ability to what everyone would dynamism and thus social progress in society. purpose, as in just martial arts to overcome himself every day ... a document available with this idea at work "bubishi" and should be Japanese, both Okinawan historians and anthropologists who we say we say that their research and findings European Karate President of the Academy Kendj the Tokits the "Histoire du Karate-Do "(the History of Karate-do) is a new work published. also one of the 225 pages of this book and all based on historical documents, the Academy was kind enough to sign me in great internship in Paris. These benefit from unique work and getting this information to you partly to reflect a task myself. In fact, we teachers, they are nothing but a long chain of people that are asırj. If you come to us and something that we like to reflect that of the next generation it is our most important task